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Royal Projects of the King

His Majesty the King of Thailand has devoted his life and resources to aiding the development of the Kingdom and the improvement of the Thai people's livelihood. Since 1952, he has initiated more than 3,000 innovative agriculture, environment, health, and education programmes to raise the standard of living in Thailand. Watching him at work in the countryside, one senses that he is motivated by the challenges each village problem presents. As he listens intently to farmers, it is clear that he is responding to something more immediate than the problem being outlined. Observers have noted an eagerness as he delves into the complexities of the problem and, in dialogue with farmers and experts who accompany him, devising the appropriate solution.

Below are only a few of the many programmes that he has dedicated to the welfare of the Thai people. Although he is considered the wealthiest Monarch in the world, the majority of his assets are invested into these community programmes benefiting countless of lives. Through his commitment to the Thai people and his philanthropic actions, he has won the respect and adoration of his people. 


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